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Tattoos From Last Week: 9/6 -9/12

Another excellent week in DC. The weather seems to have finally calmed down enough to give us some rain and cooler temperatures, so hopefully more tattoo work will find its way through our doors. Thanks to all my clients for a super fun week! Share this:Share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on […]

Tattoos From Last Week: 8/30 Through 9/5

It was a good week at Cirque Du Rouge. Continued work on some existing projects, worked with a couple new clients and completed a sleeve long in-progress. Thanks for a wonderful week everyone! Interested in an appointment? Click on the contact form to get in touch. I look forward to meeting with you soon! Share this:Share […]

The Dinosaur Journeys, Part 3 of 3

There was a wonderful peacefulness that came with the Work I was doing behind the scenes at BHIGR. I found common ground with much of the staff and conversation flowed more easily, more readily with each day I came in. I grew used to my supplies being covered in a fine grit of dinosaur bone […]

The Dinosaur Journeys, Part 2 of 3

When one goes into a museum environment with the intention of speaking with dead things, sans a degree in the sciences, there’s a certain amount of second guessing that naturally comes along for the ride. I came to the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research armed with tacit knowledge, book learning and commitment to my […]

The Dinosaur Journeys, Part 1 of 3

I would be lying if I told you I walked into the Everything Prehistoric gift shop that first day of Work in Hill City, SD filled with confidence and poise, introduced myself and was welcomed immediately to begin my Work on the Dinosaur Journeys Artist’s Journal. To put it bluntly I was just short of […]

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