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My Latest Posts

Standing at the Crossroads

Crossroads are places of change. They are places of transformation, magick, bargaining and release. As I write this I am at the famously enormous Iowa 80 Truck Stop, a personal crossroads of which I am keenly aware, and a more nebulous one for the majority who pass through it. This place is brightly lit, spacious, […]

Solstice Swim

One of the many amazing clients I have the pleasure to work with is Elaine K. Howley. She laughs easily, embodies joy and enthusiasm for life and is always the bearer of fascinating stories and first person accounts of incredibly transformative encounters with not only people, but all living things on the planet. She is […]


In this challenging year, even as things are finally calming down from the maelstrom they were just a few weeks ago, I keep coming back to the phrase “more will be revealed”. There are new challenges ahead, positive ones, ones that will foster opportunities to manifest long held dreams, but I am personally struggling, in […]

Tattooing in Sacred Space in MA

I love working in a magickal shop. Walking in feels like coming home and reuniting with family every single time. I am able to do the best possible work on all levels here at Good Mojo Tattoos, and am gratified that more and more clients are reaching out to me for ritual work. Not all […]

Desert Dispatch 2014: A Great Horned Reminder

It pays to go off trail sometimes. Lexi wasn’t interested in climbing around in the smaller trail off to our right in the slot canyon, being slightly uneasy in close spaces. I walked over to it anyhow, sharing the story of how Debby and I had clambered up into it the week before. That’s when […]

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